Contrast girl illustration
This is one of my favorite drawings. It was an expiriment.

arktika fan art illustration
I often get inspired by my music.But then again who doesn't get inpired by their favorite bands.

La dispute illustration typo
la dispute fan art illustration
elliot smith illustration
alt j fan art illustration
Fire illustration
miscarriage girl blood illustration
Girls bleed. We get hurt. We carry our beautiful babies and we lose them. We all lose them at a moment. Sometimes when they are little, sometimes when they are grown ups. But we'll lose them. We'll get hurt, we bleed.

human illustration
oscar wild illustration
lost girls illustration
portrait old boy illustration
junk girl illustration
The junk girl is not finishd yet, but I love her sad face. Will be updated soon.

flower typo illustartion
adventure time fan art typo illustration
ugly girl illustration
portrait girl illustration
text typo
I love to write, so I have some random texts here. So you can read my thoughts on different moments.

text typo
text typo
text typo