This was my first sketch, from there up to what it eventually became.
pinokkio illustration
pinokkio photography
This is what it became, frankly I'm proud of it.
pinokkio poster
self portrait feminisme
Feminisme isn't dead. It fasicinates me.
poster feminisme
Art nouveau illustration paprika
I love Banksy! He inspires me.
When I was 10 I was very intrested in graffiti. My favorite painting was from Quik and I still love his work!
But then we got the assignment to combine a human right with a artist that is active these days.
So I chose Banksy, because he is a lot in the news lately.
I saw his movie and that inpired me to this painting made with a stencil. I used it several times on different places.
Right to housing was my human right.

right to housing banksy look a like
I made this one for a special someone.
graffiti grunge photgraphy